Monday, August 30, 2010

VOIP providers

The classes are about start in couple of days and all are really busy with searching for a studio, making rental contract, registering at town hall or opening a belgian bank account ... blah, blah...

When i was doing a bit of R&D about VOIP service providers i came across a very useful link which will be useful for international students like me to call near and dear ones back home. The link is very simple to navigate its in a matrix format which gives the highest (highlighted by green) and the lowest (highlighted by red) rates. The rates keep on changing every month, keep in mind to go thru the link every time u add credits.The link is '' .

Happy calling!!!


Irene Roopa said...

nice useful one mentor!..hope u r doing gud

Anoob said...

Yes Mdam..Hows ur new office environment treating you