Monday, December 13, 2010

Take away from sem1 @ Vlerick

I am in the fag end of Sem 1 @ Vlerick Leuven Ghent Management School ,talks are going around to make this name short :-). Jokes apart,the last 3 months passed by in a flash but have learnt couple of interesting things in the class in addition to know more about other 42 classmates , trust me there are some very tough people to handle, welcome to International MBA class room.

Talking about the subjects so far Financial Accounting,Decision science,MAC,Negotiation Skills were quite interesting.HR professor made the subject seems to be interesting but this is not my cup of tea. Some of the other subjects were not that catchy.We had some teriffic professors and ofcourse some very boring ones as well.Last to last week we had to give a presentation as part of Business and Law- our team chose the Bhopal Tragedy- I am clear now that the value of an Indian life is cheaper than a western one.I am looking forward to the Social Skills seminar and then off to India for a well deserved vacation....

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